The Bad Effects of Sleep Disorders that You Need to Know

Sleep is one way to restore the body’s condition after a day of activity. When you sleep, your body will rest and feel comfortable. But if you find that your sleep quality is lacking, it can lead to a tired body condition and easily drowsy during the day. Sleep quality cannot be caused by disturbances of insomnia. Maybe so far many have asked why I can’t sleep even though I’m sleepy and tired. If the condition of sleep disorder is not immediately addressed, it can cause an adverse effect on the body.

If you experience occasional sleep disorder, it is not harmful to your health. But if the disorder occurs prolonged then you need to be vigilant. Because there are some bad effects of sleep disorders that you need to know, including the following.

  1. Aging

If you have trouble sleeping and make you sleep less, your body will release the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone can break down collagen which will continuously make the skin look pale, appear fine lines, dark circles on the eye bags and so on.

  1. Obesity

People who experience sleep disorders will have a higher appetite, so they will consume carbohydrates with high carbohydrates and fats. The existence of sleep disturbances also makes the body feel tired, so they are lazier to exercise.

  1. Depression

People who lack sleep will experience depression so that your mind and emotions become unstable.

  1. Decreasing Immune System

If someone lacks sleep, their immune system will easily weaken. This condition causes a person to be prone to colds.

  1. Decreasing Memory

When you sleep, the brain will work to strengthen your memory. If you have trouble sleeping, the process will be difficult to walk and memory will be difficult to store. In addition, lack of sleep can cause a decrease in concentration.

  1. Interrupted fertility

When you experience sleep disorders, the production of reproductive hormones will also be disrupted and decreased. This will certainly have an effect on your chances of quickly getting offspring.

The bad effects of sleep disorders can add to your insight. Through the above explanation, you now need to get used to getting enough and earlier sleep to avoid the various adverse effects of sleep disorders.

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