Can cats be given eggs or tempe?

Just like humans, sometimes cats also seem lazy to eat when they are served only those foods. However, parents can be creative in making more varied food for their four-legged children. A variety of homemade cat food recipes are made so that cats get healthier food and not boring. In addition to foods made from meat or fish, eggs and tempeh are other food ingredients that are always available in the kitchen. The question is, can cats eat eggs or tempe?

can cats eat eggs

The answer is okay. Eggs and tempe are sources of animal protein and vegetable protein. Even though cats are pure carnivores, which only eat meat in the wild, cats need other food ingredients that contain vegetable protein and fiber. Wild cats get fibrous food from the stomach contents of their prey animals. If cat food is only in the form of meat and bone, it is feared he will experience problems during bowel movements. So giving a little fibrous food will be good for cat digestion. Then the provision of tempe in small portions is allowed, provided it is not excessive. Because the biggest dietary needs of cats are animal protein.

Tempe can be served by boiling it with meat then blending it. What about eggs? Eggs are also a good source of protein for cats. If cats are lazy to eat or get sick, cat owners can feed cats with egg yolk. Besides being easy to give, egg yolks contain high protein which is easily digested and absorbed.

Yellow eggs can be given immediately, but separate them from the white of the egg first. Don’t give the egg white while raw. If the cat owner is worried that raw eggs can transmit bad bacteria, it can make him a boiled egg. But of course, the nutritional content will be reduced because it has gone through a heating process.

Eggs can be given to cats at any time, but should not exceed the portion of the staple food. Because excess nutritional requirements also result in bad for cats.

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